Encom Discover PA


Discover PA is an expert geophysical analysis tool for seeing and comparing line data, profiles, grids, modeling, images, maps and 3D visualizations in a single interactive interpretation environment. Step outside the box of conventional processing and mapping systems and discover a whole new world through Discover PA (Profile Analyst). Extend the power of existing software investments and collaborate into a single, multi-dimensional, decision making environment.

With Discover PA, you can see and compare all your line data, profiles, grids, modeling, images, drilllholes, maps and 3D visualizations in a single interactive interpretation environment. A full range of analytical functions, effective presentation tools and powerful template capabilities help you to complete your expert analysis more quickly, comprehensively and effectively. Work in one environment, not four. Build sophisticated applications without programming. Access original profile data dynamically. With Discover PA you have the controls to turn your exploration into reality.

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  • connect geophysical data, modeling, satellite imagery, geochemistry and geological mapping in a single interactive interpretation environment
  • coordinate and streamline repetitive tasks and procedures
  • configure powerful templates for greater control
  • combine sophisticated line analysis techniques with map and image analysis
  • create maps, or cut and paste results into other applications

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Encom ModelVision


Encom ModelVision is a family of powerful and versatile tools for visualizing, analyzing and modeling potential field data, providing a solution for every 3D potential field problem. Whether you work in mineral exploration, diamond exploration, petroleum exploration, environmental geophysics, engineering, unexploded ordinance or underground hazard assessment, ModelVision can provide you with a complete interpretation environment. Designed by geophysical interpreters for geophysical interpreters, ModelVision is the most advanced general purpose model-based interpretation system available. It is used all over the world in mineral exploration, geological surveys, petroleum exploration, engineering and environmental geophysics.

Magnetic and gravity geophysical methods are applicable to solving problems in a wide range of disciplines including mineral exploration for base metals, gold and iron ore, diamond exploration, coal hazard assessment, environmental, engineering and unexploded ordinance. Every problem is different in some way and Encom ModelVision has the versatile tools that you need to solve these problems. ModelVision provides a comprehensive set of tools to analyze and isolate the data you need to study, and comes with a wide range of import and export formats, utilities for gridding, filtering and numerical manipulation.


  • bridge the gap between automated depth methods and interactive modeling
  • parametric shapes and manually drawn models
  • compute all field components and gradients
  • 1D, 2D, 3D visualization of data and models
  • edit models in map and section views
  • 2D interactive regional with 1D option
  • forward and inverse modeling of bodies and any data channel
  • 1D, 2D convolution and FFT filter suite
  • line and grid calculator
  • drillhole and full airborne survey simulators

Optional Extensions

Encom AutoMag is an optional extension for ModelVision for rapid magnetic depth-to-basement source estimation and fast processing of large surveys. AutoMag uses the full precision of original line data to increase the data accuracy of the inversion. ModelVision provides an interactive environment for quality control, editing and verification of the solutions.

UBC-GIF GRAV3D & MAG3D Interface: Use ModelVision to create the UBC mesh density and magnetic susceptibility property distribution and physical property constraints. The variable density mesh can be tested at low resolution to avoid losing time on simple mistakes. Use ModelVision to prepare the data, regional terrain and control files. This makes UBC inversion easy.

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Encom QuickMag


Encom QuickMag is a revolutionary new magnetic modeling package for creating accurate, reliable magnetic models from gridded data sets, in less time and with less effort. Encom QuickMag is a high performance, 3D user-guided inversion package that is easy to learn and fast to use, providing new capabilities in generating geological interpretations.

QuickMag allows you to construct reliable geological models of magnetic anomalies in a fraction of the time of manual methods. Point at an anomaly, choose a geological style and in seconds QuickMag will automatically construct a 3D model of the magnetic source. On a standard desktop computer, QuickMag will build a realistic 3D geological model in less than 5 seconds and a full inversion in less than 60 seconds.


  • perform a 3D interpretation from a target magnetic anomaly in one step
  • map depth along the unconformity surface
  • map the depth shape of the unconformity surface
  • map the properties
  • map dip variations along the target axis
  • prepare reports

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Encom EM Flow

EM Discover

EM Flow offers display, analysis and interpretation of single or multi component airborne time and frequency EM data. The software is designed to operate on large EM datasets and provide conductivity depth sections for data interpretation.

EM Flow uses newly developed EM theory and sophisticated mathematics developed by CRC-AMET. Theoretically defined EM system waveforms or measured waveforms are used to deconvolve the EM multi-component, multi-channel line data; users have full control over the processing and production of conductivity depth images (CDI).

The conductivity and depth output of EM Flow can be imported directly into Encom Discover PA, an industry standard for advanced data visualisation and interpretation, for enhanced CDI displays, 2D section gridding and 3D voxel gridding. The processed EM data can be integrated with other geoscience data, models and drillholes.

The input data can be transformed to conductivity-depth images for direct interpretation. Indications of conductive and resistive zones are usually detectable and in multi- line survey situations, correlation of anomalous zones can be determined.

EM Discover

EM Flow key features:

Conductivity-Depth Sections

CDI section processing is customized using component weighting with selected tau depth intervals and depth ranges. The result of the CDI processing can be displayed in EM Flow or output to a Geosoft GDB database or ASCII file display in Discover PA Explorer or Geosoft Oasis montaj. Conductivity depth sections are presented in pseudo color using log or linear color stretches.

EM System Definition

An interactive editor is provided to allow the EM processing system’s geometry transmitter waveform and calibrations to be specified. An interactive formatter simplifies input file definition so that waveform specifications can be imported from external programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Data Import

An interactive import utility provides a generic interface for most EM multi-column ASCII file types including Geosoft. Additional utilities to define the EM processing system waveform recorded time windows and transmitter-receiver geometry are also included.

3D Integration

Discover PA Explorer and Discover PA Professional are optionally used for extended visualization capabilities and integration with other geophysical and geological information. Discover PA products support 1D 2D Section and 3D visualization methods.