Welcome to Campbell & Walker Geophysics Ltd.

Campbell & Walker Geophysics Ltd. is a professional consulting group formed by the alliance of Intrepid Geophysics Ltd. and Rock Point Geophysics Ltd., having offices in both Vancouver and Edinburgh.

We provide Consulting and Interpretation Services for exploration projects related to base and precious metals, precious stones, petroleum, and ground water using the following tools:

  • Airborne Geophysics Program Management and QA/QC
  • Mapping and Integrated Interpretations
  • Forward modeling and inversion
  • Leading-Edge Software Systems
  • Applied Geophysical Research

Our aim is to develop exploration programs that meet project deadlines in a cost-effective manner, from concept and program implementation to drilling and resource modeling.

  • Contribute fully to the exploration process,
  • Ask questions of geologists and exploration managers,
  • Find solutions for management and stakeholders,
  • Passionate about solving problems.