Campbell & Walker Geophysics has acquired, processed and interpreted magnetic, gravity, electromagnetic and radiometric data for projects covering the globe in a variety of geologic environments. We are experienced with the interpretation and processing of these data types in a cross-disciplinary, team-oriented environment. A sound knowledge of geology is brought to bear in order to secure a balanced and complete geological interpretation of the geophysical data and to secure a good level of scientific communication with other team members. This work has included large international projects with extended periods of overseas fieldwork. Technology transfer and training of in-house personnel in both basic and applied geophysics has often accompanied these projects, and comprises one of our core interests.

Campbell & Walker Geophysics is a certified technical support and training agency for both Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s geophysical applications (Encom’s PA, MODELVISION, QUICKMAG AND EM FLOW, respectively) and ERDAS’s ER MAPPER; the benefits of this training include a speedier learning process and increased user productivity.

Christopher Campbell, Principal Geophysicist and President, is Active with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC) as a Mentor. This program embodies the concept of the “Training Triangle,” which is a three-way communication link formed and maintained by the mentor — between the trainee, the trainee's supervisor and the mentor. Continuation of this and hands-on training opportunities generally, comprise one of the key aspects of our core mission.